Appetizers & Tapas Price
Homemade Alioli & Bread (in the Bread,Olive, Herbs & dried Tomato )(A,G,P,O)* 3.90€
Marinated Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives and Sun-dried Tomato (G,P,O)* 5.50€
Seafood Pil Pil (B,D,R,P)* 8.90€
Prawns Pil Pil ( Gambas al Pil Pil) (B.P)* 8.40€
Makdous Stuffed Eggplant with Walnuts & bell pepper (E,O)* (VEGAN) 5.50€
Hummus classic (VEGAN) (P,N)* 5.70€
* Hummus with Chorizo 6.90€
Humms with Kafta (Arabic Meatballs 2u.)( A,N,P)* 8.90€
Albondigas Lamb Meatballs with Tomato Sauce( A,G,P)* 5.70€
Spiced Yoghurt Cheese Semi dried served with Cucumber-Tomato(G,O)* 5.90€
Mussels Meat in the pan with garlic (R)* 7.90€
Fried Halloumi Cheese (per piece, 2 pieces minimum) (A,G)* 1.50€
Three melted Cheeses from the Oven (A,G) 5.90€
Mixed Salad with marinated Chicken in white Sauce with Avocados,Celery Parmesan Cheese & Nut mix (G,M,E,l,O)* 7.90€
Salads Price
Hot Goats Cheese with Honey- Rosemary on Apple- Beetroot Salad in Casero Dressing . (G,M,O)* 7.70€
*Duck carpaccio with Salad , Parmesan and pine nuts 11,50€
Tuna Fish (100gr) Filet in Sesame Coat with Cucumber Yoghurt Wasabi mix (G,P,D,M,O)* 8.90€
Pasta & casserole
Tagliatelle with Truffle Cream Sauce & Parmesan .( A,G)* 9.90€
Spinach & Chickpeas Casseroel with minced Beef in Tomato sauce Topped with Feta Cheese (A,E,G) 9.00 € / Vegetarian, VEGAN 8,00 €
Main Courses Price
Tagine of the Day with Couscous. (A,O,N) *. Casero Style.. Daily Price €
Salmon Fillet with Cardamom, Fresh Vegetables & Potatoes (D,O)* 14.90€
Chicken Breast Stuffed with spicy Chorizo, served with Carrot-green Peas, black Olives in Tomato Sauce & Mashed Chickpeas 14.90€
Marinated Tofu served with Carrot-green Peas and black Olives in Tomato Sauce and Potatoes (F )VEGAN 13.90€
* Duck Breast with red Cabbage Potato 17.90€
Beef Tenderloin about 190gr served with Bacon Wrapped Green Beans & Pan Potato with pepper Sauce (A SAUCE), O)* 18.90€
Dessert Daily offers on the Board

Extra Bread....,50€ Silverware 0,60€ Butter..... ,50€

*( Cereals containing gluten A, Crustaceans B, Egg C, Fish D, Peanut & Nuts E, Soy F, Milk or lactose G, Beans H, Celery L, Mustard M, Sesam N, Sulfite O, lupine P, Molluscs R).