Price list

Appetizers & Tapas Price
Homemade Alioli & Bread (in the Bread,Olive, Herbs & dried Tomato )(A,G,P,O)* 3.90€
Marinated Feta Cheese, Kalamata Olives and Sun-dried Tomato (A,G,P,O)* 5.50€
Salad of Olives, pickles and cut green olives in chili sauce (A, G, P, O) * 4.50€
Casero Mezze Plate (5 Mediterranean Appetizers )( A,G,P)* 7.90€
Chorizo Sausages * & Shrimps with Garlic. 5.70€
Seafood Pil Pil (D,R,G)* 8.90€
Makdous Stuffed Eggplant with Walnuts & bell pepper (N)* (VEGAN) 4.90€
Hummus classic (VEGAN) 5.70€
Hummus with Kafti (Arabic Meatbolls 2u.) 8.90€
Albondigas Lamb Meatballs with Tomato Sauce( A,G,P)* 5.70€
Mussels in the pan with garlic (R)* 7.90€
Beef Chorizo Sausages from the Oven with Garlic.( Spicy) (B)* 6.90€
Smoked Duck- carpaccio with Rocket salad and Pine nuts (B)*. 10.90€
Fried Halloumi Cheese (per piece, 2 pieces minimum) (A,G)* 1.50€
Spicy Semi dried Yoghurt Cheese served with Cucumber-Tomato(A,G)* 5.90€
Arabic Cheese (salty) on Tomato - red Onion in Olive Oil and LemonJ 6.90€
Three melted Cheeses from the Oven (A,G) 5.70€
Stuffed Mushrooms with blue Cheese and Chorizo 7.00€/8.00€
Salads Price
Hot Goats Cheese with Honey- Rosemary on Apple- Beetroot Salad in Casero Dressing . (G,M,O)* 7.70€
Mixed Salad with marinated Chili Honey Prawns with Avocados, Parmesan Cheese & Nut mix (B,M,E) Main 9.90€ /Appetizer 7.90€
Tuna Fish (100gr) Filet in Sesame Coat with Cucumber Yoghurt Wasabi mix (P,D,M,N,O* 8.90€
Mixed Salad in Casero Dressing with lamb chops with Mint Dip. 15.90€
Pasta & casserole Price
Tagliatelle with Truffle Cream Sauce & Parmesan .( A,G)* 9.00€
Pasta Mediterranean, sun-dried and fresh Tomato, black Olives, Rocket salad Snow of Feta Cheese (A,G,P)* 9.00€
Spinach & Chickpeas Casseroel with minced Beef in Tomato sauce Topped with Feta Cheese 9.00 € / Vegetarian 8,00 €
Main Courses Price
Tagine of the Day with Couscous. (A,G,O,N) *. Casero Style.. .Daily Price €
Tagine of Salmon Fillet with Cardamom, Fresh Vegetables & Potatoes (D,G)* 14.90€
Chicken Breast Stuffed with spicy Chorizo, served with Carrot-green Peas, black Olives in Tomato Sauce & Mashed Chickpeas 14.90€
Beef Tenderloin 190g with Pepper Sauce served with seasonal Vegetables and Potato 18.90€
Duck Breast with Orange Alioli Dip served with seasonal Vegetables and Potato 17.90€
Smoked Tofu Steak with Pan seasonal Vegetable & Potato in Rosemary Margarine. VEGAN 13.50€
Dessert Price
Sherry Liqueur with Dark Chocolate 4.50€
and more Daily offers

*( Cereals containing gluten A, Crustaceans B, Egg C, Fish D, Peanut E, Soy F, Milk or lactose ,Nuts G, Beans H, Celery L, Mustard M, Sesam N, Sulfite O, lupine P, Molluscs R).